Nightlife in Deggendorf







Pub & Bar


Relax: It’s next to Disco Kings and Freudenhaus. It has a very good happy hour
from 8-10 pm with cheap cocktails, longdrinks and beer. If you are hungry
late at night you can buy delicious sandwiches all nigth.






alcedo logo

Alcedo: It’s in the middle of Deggendorf and it’s one of the best bars. Here you get good drinks (weekend specials) and good music.







Carpe Mediencafè: It’s also in the middle of Deggendorf and here you get almost every day special offers and special drinks.





roma logo

  Roma: It’s next to the Degg`s (shopping center) here you can order good cocktails but you also can eat        pizza or other little snacks.





firstfloor logoFirst Floor: It’s not only a place to play billiard you also can eat and drink

Good and cheap. When there is a important football game you can watch it via a beamer.




irish pub logo

 Irish Pub it’s 50 meters from the centre and comfortable bar where you can drink Guinness , Whiskey and a                   lot of other drinks.







Bistro & Cafè

caf-bar-bistro-extra logo Cafè Extra: It’s 100 meters from the centre and here you can eat very well.







Bistro Saparalott: It’s also 100 meters from the centre. It’s a small but nice bistro where you get almost e



a special offer (e.g. drink 3 pay 2)








32967_lo Kings : It’s in the centre of Deggendorf behind the "Müller"





freudenhausFreudenhaus: It’s above the Kings disco. Here you can have fun almost the whole night!